Where are the Catholic pro-life men?

As we look out at the world of men (males) who struggle with paternity, we often wonder why or what is happening in society.  We should wonder is why not?  Why are we surprised, when there is such a shortage of good Catholic men to guide their brothers?  Therefore, why should some men not be lost in the culture of death and at a complete loss as they face the daunting task of parenting?

This is not to say that those who have walked themselves into situations where they face unexpected fatherhood bare no responsibility for their actions and for their choices before or after.  It is easy to point the finger and wag our tongues at so many men who do not step up to the plate and become good Christian fathers who embody the very presence of the Fatherhood of God.  Yet, other men, who claim to have found the loving Fatherhood of God and claim to live in the Spirit of the Father, do not reach out and share the Gospel with their brothers.

It is very easy to condemn a culture of death and to sentence those facing life-threatening choices such as abortion and contraception from the comfort of our homes.   Such a person is like the judge who sits in judgment on his bench and condemns the guilty man for his delinquencies; but when his day in court is over, he retires to his quiet and serene suburban home.  On the way home, he deliberately bypasses the riotous and noisy neighborhoods where the delinquents that eventually will find their way into his courtroom are being bred and formed.  Such a judge may feel that he is doing something for society by passing judgment.  The truth of the matter is that while he has time that is not on the bench, he does nothing for the community that passes through his courts on a daily basis.  In other words, he does nothing to put himself out of a job.

The same is true about Catholic men who sit in judgment of their brothers who are considering abortion or even worse, who have participated in an abortion by providing the dastardly service, taking the life of an unborn child or pushing the mothers of the children whom they conceived to submit to such a horrid crime.  We go to pregnancy centers, prolife workshops, provide education to men who are struggling with the challenges of poverty, addictions, violence, displacement and a lack of sexual integrity.  It is a challenge to bring these men into the centers, the churches, and the community of believers.  Evangelization and service to them can seem an insurmountable task, because there are not enough workers in the vineyard.  In other words, there is a critical shortage of Catholic men who serve their brothers and evangelize them.

The prolife movement has become feminized, as if abortion, euthanasia, the destruction of human embryos, the unscrupulous use of the death penalty and the killing of infants who were not killed by abortifacients were a women’s issue.  Middle-age women and teens are at the forefront of the prolife movement, especially among Catholics.  Catholic men attend workshops and lectures and then go home.  However, one third of the people affected by crimes against human life, ultimately against God, are men.  Another third are women and the last third are the unborn children.

We need to challenge men to step up to the plate and be good fathers.  We need to evangelize young men instead of handing them condoms.  It is our duty to bring all men back to Jesus.  However, we need men to evangelize their brothers.  These can be married men or single.  They can be secular or consecrated religious.  Teams of consecrated celibate men and married men are the ideal missionary team.  Together, we can present the big picture of what men can be.

If you’re male and are reading this, ask yourself if God is calling you to serve your brothers in the prolife ministry by walking the journey with them.  Don’t worry about not having anything to contribute or not knowing what to do.  Those of us who are in the ministry will walk with you and together we can walk with our brothers.  Just bring the gift of your masculinity before the Lord and put it at the service of your brothers.

Where are the prolife men?

For more information contact Brother Jay here .

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  1. Men aren’t allowed to be pro-life and speak. That’s the sad truth of it.

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