Shh 🤫 It’s a Surprise..!

On Tuesday, September 6, our founder and Superior Bro. Jay turns 70! 🥳

Unbeknownst to him, we are trying to celebrate the occasion, and even organized an event page with details:

Those of you who know him personally, are aware of the many health struggles he has faced during the past few years, and how much we owe to the Lord and to the Immaculate to be able to celebrate this day.

Happy Birthday messages can be emailed to:
Bro. Jay will receive them directly!

If you want to give a little gift, you can do so safely at:

This will be a small community+family gathering, between 11 am and 5 pm approximately. If you do wish to briefly stop by, due to health reasons etc. please RSVP first, by calling/texting 786-495-3426 and we will coordinate a time and provide you with the location of the get-together.

More than anything, we humbly ask you for a prayer – not only for the physical and spiritual health of Bro. Jay, but for the respect for life in the whole world.

Thank you kindly!


*** For any questions, please email: ***

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