The Assumption of Mary and the Culture of Life

Many may wonder what the importance of the Assumption of Mary may be.   Some people actually deny it.  Others think that they know. The truth of the Assumption is best understood in light of the Culture of Life.  Christ came to bring life that we may have it to the fullest.  He states this unequivocally and abashedly in the Gospel.   He also promises that he who believes in him will not perish.  So why doubt the assumption of Mary?  Christ keeps his promise.  He brings life and brings it to the fullest.

The fullness of life is found when the mind, body and soul are oriented toward Christ and absorbed into his mystery.  This is the promise that God makes to us through his Son.  To prove that his words are not empty Christ always provides signs.  Remember what he says, “So that you may know that the Son of Man has the power to forgive sins, I say take up your bed and walk.”   The miracle affirms Christ’s power and majesty over life and death.  It affirms his power over sin and corruption.

In the Old Testament, the Law is given to Moses.  “You shall not kill.”  God cannot be clearer.  Life is sacred, in every stage and in all of its dimensions.  Therefore, it is his desire that man treasure human life as he does.  It is God’s wish to save us from death, not only spiritual death, but also physical death.  “Let him who has no sin throw the first stone. Now go and sin no more.”

The Assumption of Mary is the most pro-life sign from God himself.  It speaks more about Christ than it does about Mary.  Those who look at it as if to say that Mary is being elevated to the status of a goddess are missing the point.  Mary is elevated to  that which is hers by right of her creation.  She is a daughter of the Father, saved in heart, mind, body and soul through the life, death and resurrection of Christ.  God offers us Mary as proof that he keeps his promises.

God never forgets his promises.  He constantly gives us signs to remind us that he has not forgotten us.  The Assumption is such a sign.  The woman who cooperated perfectly with the will of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit is the first to be granted the fullness of eternal life, in body and soul.

Look at the Assumption of Mary as sign of God’s great love for human life.  It is comprehensible that the Father would restore the physical life of the Son on Easter Sunday; after all, that’s his son.  Here, he takes another human being and restores that person to life in body and soul.  He makes a statement about the dignity and sacredness of human life.  It is his will that human life not suffer the effects of evil. 

Mary, who is has done everything according to the will of the Father is the first creature, but not the last, to enter the gates of heaven with body and soul.  Why?  Because it is God’s will that the Culture of Death shall never prevail.  He delivers to us a sign that the Gospel of Life shall triumph.  Mary is the sign, given to us by Christ.  Through Mary’s assumption, Christ makes a statement about him and the sacredness of human life.  It is his wish to see life protected from evil.  It is his will that every human being shall be protected from sin.  It is his plan to restore physical and spiritual life to all men.  Therefore, he does what is in his power to do.  He protects human life from the corruption of sin.  Mary’s assumption is the sign that Christ will keep his promise.  The Assumption of Mary is a sign of the sacredness of life and Christ’s invitation to join him in the protection of human life.

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