Loyal Subjects of the King and Faithful Sons and Daughters of God

We have a moral duty to be children of the Church.  At this time, when our nation goes to the polls to vote, we must remind ourselves that we are citizens of the Church and a nation.  As citizens of the Church, we must guide our nation to fulfill the destiny that God has given to every nation, to ensure the welfare of its people.  We must first secure every human being’s right to life, then all of the other rights that flow from that.

Several years ago, I found myself teaching a group of high school students who live with autism and learning disabilities.  We were discussing human rights.  A 16-year old boy raised his hand and said, “If you don’t secure the right to life, why waste time discussing the other rights?”  It causes one  to wonder who has learning disabilities.

The unborn, sick, elderly, disabled and the embryo in a Petri dish are all sons and daughters of God.  They have come into existence through the Word of God, not man’s will.  Man supplies the mechanics; only God can give life. 

As Brothers of Life, it is our mission to remind Catholics of our martyrs, who gave their lives for their faith.  Along with them, we have a rich tradition of holy men and women who suffered a bloodless martyrdom, living with inconveniences and sometimes suffering and hardship, as a natural part of living a virtuous life.  Sometimes, the Gospel of Life requires sacrifice.  Very often, true love hurts.

The enemy deceives us into believing that we must make certain sacrifices in order to have safer neighborhood, better schools, more jobs and the other things that we want for our families.  However, on the great moral ladder, the highest good remains the dignity of life. 

The bible is our best guide.  Look at how it is organized.  The first book of the bible is the Book of the Beginning, not by coincidence.  God wrote about the origin and the sacredness of life  into the hearts and consciences of the biblical writers.    They could not compose the sacred texts and ignore the one great truth; all life comes from and through the Word of God and all was created for Him.  As St. Francis so clearly wrote in his Canticle of the Creatures, all life reflects something of the Glory of God. 

Today, some men and women seek political posts at the expense of life.  This is an immoral use of the democratic process.  The true and noble purpose of democracy is to protect the inalienable rights of man, not to gain a vote at the expense of man.  Man’s first inalienable right is the right to be born.  His second inalienable right is inscribed on the other side of the same coin, the right to die at a time and in a manner of God’s choosing.  God chooses when we are to be born and when we are to die according to his plan for our salvation.  Man has no right to interfere with God’s plan for his salvation.

We are not an evolutionary accident.  We are the product of the mind of God.  In His mind there is a precise moment in history that is conducive to our salvation.  He brings us into existence and gives us the right number of years of life to work out our salvation according to His plan. 

The highest form of worship is to love, respect and protect what God creates.  The highest form of service is to make proper use of what he gives us.  To use science and law in a manner that is contrary to his plan is a grave sin, because it is an irresponsible use of God-given talent and freedom.  We must ask ourselves whether it is moral to place men and women in office who will use knowledge and freedom to offer legal protection to the murder of innocent people.

We have been given freedom for a purpose.  Contrary to popular opinion, God did not give us freedom to choose right or wrong.  God gave us freedom so that we might choose what is right and thereby be truly deserving of his grace and heaven.  God made is with the same attributes as his Son.  Jesus freely chose to do the Will of his Father.  He embodies everything that a man should be and should do.  He chooses to die, rather than allow us to perish.  We, who are created in the image and likeness of the Son, have the power to make the same choice.  We can live with suffering and challenges, rather than allow others to perish.

We may have to vote for a candidate that does not deliver the material things that we want or need, but who supports and protects the highest good of all, the right to be born and the right to live as long as God wishes us to live.  For many of us, this may be a form of bloodless martyrdom.  Like St. Thomas More, we must be loyal subjects of the king and faithful sons and daughters of the Church, even if it means martyrdom.

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