How does morality define discrimination?

If this is true, our country is spiraling out of moral control. Refusing to pay for contraception, abortifacients and anything that violates moral law is not discrimination against women. Discrimination is denying someone what the person has a natural right to have.

Medicare pays a fraction for hearing aids. Many older people have hearing problems. It refuses to pay for prescription glasses without a copay. Most older people need glasses and live on fixed incomes. Medicare clients paid their share of. FICA for years. The current HHS mandate requires no copayment or premium on the part of the employee. Which of the two groups is a victim of discrimination? Discrimination is a grave sin.

When a society discriminates against the elderly, few people notice; because most seniors are part of the voiceless. The Culture of Death has found a voice in the public square.

The Franciscans of Life need everyone’s help to turn the Culture of Death into a Culture of Life. This is our moral obligation as human beings. Let us pray that people will look at these issues and see them as God sees them.

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