Fathers, Sons and Brothers to All

God is to be found in many places and in many ways.  However, some of us are fortunate enough to be found by God.  This was the story of our Holy Father, Francis of Assisi.  Francis looked for God in the world around him, but could not see him.  It was when he allowed God to find him that he saw him everywhere.

Today, God calls men to open ourselves and allow Christ to find us.  He wants to find us, but we have to want to be found.  God will not violate our wishes.  He is a gentle God, a loving God, a respectful God.  When we place ourselves in his path, we find ourselves in Christ Jesus.  Christ becomes our Lord and our all, as our Holy Father Francis said.  Again, there are many ways to find God and many places where God can find us, for nothing is impossible for God.   God, who from all eternity has loved us, today calls men from every race and every land to meet him in the most vulnerable members of society, the unborn, the sick and elderly whose lives are reaching their sunset in this world to enter the eternal sunrise of the next.

Our call is not one to be social workers or political activists.  That is the proper role of the secular world.  God calls us to be totally his, totally immersed in him through a life of prayer, penance, and brotherhood with all people.  This is the image of Christ and the Church that we find in Francis of Assisi.  Brother Francis was not a peace activist, an environmentalist, a social worker for the poor and the sick.  In his poverty, he was richer than that.  Brother was just that, everyone’s brother.  He knew and understood that Christ our brother was to be found in relationship with all men as sons and daughters of God.  Therefore, peace is not an option, but a vocation.  When we discover our brotherhood with all people, we discover that we cannot live in any other relationship with them than in a relationship of peace and grace.

As Mother Teresa once said, “Abortion is the greatest threat to peace.”   God calls brothers, through the child in the womb, to live in peace with the world.  We must be like John the Baptist, who hears the cry of the Lord even in the womb of his mother, Elizabeth.  And like John, we must respond to Christ in the womb, not with anger and hostility, but with great love and joy.  As brothers we embrace Mary.  We desire to become like her.  Mary took Christ to John the Baptist, while both children were still in the womb.  The Brother of Life takes Christ to the unborn, by serving his mother and father, as Mary served Elizabeth and Zachariah.

God is placing a challenge on the table for today’s man.  He is challenging us to remember him and not forget Love.  When we, who are men, forget the most precious gift that God has given us, the capacity to be husbands and fathers, brothers and sons, something that no woman can ever become, we forfeit part of who we are.  We cease to be true.  No man can follow Christ and forget Truth.  Francis understood this.  One day, while struggling with temptation, he ran out into the snow and built three figures of snow.  He then turned to himself and said, “This is my family, my spouse, my son and my daughter.”  In his celibate state, our Holy Father Francis acknowledged that he was given a gift to give back to the Lord, his manhood.  Only a real man can live and love as a man.  Only a real man can hear the voice of Christ in the preborn child who today’s Pilate has sentenced to die.  The unborn child whose life is threatened needs a father.  The elderly person who believes that he has become a burden to his family needs a son.  The sick individual who has lost all hope needs a brother.  Only Christ can be father, son and brother.  That is why we follow Francis.  Francis takes on the image of Christ in his life.  He responds to Christ’s call to be perfect as he is perfect.  Francis begins the journey toward perfection.  Along that journey, he strives to be a holy father to all men, a gracious brother, and a faithful son.

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  1. Thanks Brother for your article. Today, many think they hear God’s call to be activists and social workers, yet His call is simple – to be totally His. Fantastic! I will bring this up in our next Fraternity gathering.

    In Christ,
    Alberto Ortiz

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