New Faces

New Brothers

Christ, Br. Bill, Br. Jay, Ruban

We have a few new faces among the Franciscans of life.  I’ll be doing a write-up on each of these ugly mutts.  For the time being, I’ll just show you some pictures.  Of course, if you are interested in adopting or fostering one of these pets, we would be glad to assist you.   All joking aside, we’re very blessed to have these new members to our great Franciscan family.  The most wonderful thing about this is that the Lord sent them.  We did nothing to recruit.

Br. William Vito, FFV

The fellow in the grey habit is Brother William Vito (aka. Bill).  Br. Bill is a novice, that’s why he’s wearing the grey habit.  He is a computer geek and is very invested in serving the voiceless among people with disabilities.  He is also an outstanding religious educator.  He teaches teens, preparing them for Confirmation.  He teaches with conviction, passion, love and most important, fidelity to Holy Mother Church.

Then there is Postulant Chris.  Chris is another computer geek.  Chris runs Project Joseph in Ft. Lauderdale.  He commutes over 30 miles to make himself available to our dads.  The best part about Chris is his contagious smile, especially when he messes up.

Postulant Chris

Postulant Chris

We won’t mention the fact that the superior asked him to organize a photo shoot and to make sure that everyone who needed to be there was there and was properly dressed.  To make a long story short (too late), Chris is very obedient.  He did exactly as asked.  On the day of the photo shoot, the brothers who were supposed to be there were there.  Did I mention that Chris was also supposed to be in the picture?

OK, I forgot that important detail.  In any case, guess who walked into the room in his grunge clothes?  You guessed it right, Postulant Chris.  Suddenly, all eyes are on him.  Chris had completely forgotten the very event that he had set up.  The photo shoot had to be postponed.  Who could get angry?  Chris just put on that little boy smile, like the kid with his hands in the cookie jar.  In all honesty, if you ever forget the definition of Franciscan joy, all you have to do is look at Postulant Chris.  He projects that joy no matter what the situation.

 Postulant Ruban

Postulant Ruban

Ruban, no I did not misspell it, is from India and you guessed it, he too is a computer geek.  I believe that God may be trying to tell us something.  He keeps sending us these guys from the world of technology.  Ruban does not have a pastoral assignment yet, as he is too young in the Franciscan life.  Right now, he’s concentrating on mastering the outer expressions of Catholicism and Franciscan life.  This is very important.  There is no such thing as a good Franciscan, Jesuit, Benedictine, Dominican or Diocesan priest unless the man is first a good Catholic.

The first three months are very hard on the brothers.  There are many externals and changes that one has to learn while on the run.  Therefore, Ruban spends a lot of time before the Blessed Sacrament, learning to navigate the breviary, understanding the rubrics of the mass, the constitutions and other externals that are essential to the life of a Catholic and a future novice.  The one thing that no one misses when one meets Ruban is his curious nature.  I’m seriously thinking of giving him the name George as his religious name.  Curious George would describe him well.

Closing Thoughts

I would like to close this entry with one thought.  As we approach Christmas and we look upon the Christ Child in the manger, let us remember that human nature was the Father’s gift to his most beloved Son.  God the Father would never give his Son a gift that was not precious in his eyes.  The infant in the manger shares the same nature as your neighbor and yourself.  Thank God for the gift of being human and show Him your gratitude by treating every human being with the same gentleness and care that St. Joseph and Our Lady had for Jesus.

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