Lawrence Welk, the Mind and God

I believe that the human mind is the best proof that there is a God whose awesome power and knowledge is unsurpassable. The human mind remains one of the most remarkable mysteries in human existence.
Think about it. Nothing is ever lost. Every event, person, emotion, thought or concept that you ever met, experienced and learned is meticulously stored. It is all possible, because God made it possible. He does not play dice with humanity. We’re not God’s idea of a game of chance.

I was watching a show on the construction of the Statue of Liberty on PBS and I fell asleep. The next show was an old Lawrence Welk show. When I was a little boy, Lawrence Welk and Ed Sullivan were family rituals. My mind must have incorporated the show in the background with one of those wonderfully stored memories. I awoke thinking that I was in my childhood home, with my brothers and sister. The first this I did when I woke up was to call out, “Mommy!”

It took me a few seconds to realize that I was not there, but in the here and now. My mommy went to heaven many years ago. But thanks to God’s incredible wisdom, power and kindness, those memories are very much alive and once in a while, He blesses us with recall. Even the saddest memories are important, because they increase the value and meaning of the happy memories. This reminds me of a question that people often ask me.

“Why did you study neuropsychology and mystical theology as well?” The reason is simple. The study of the mind without religion is lame and religion without understanding the human mind is blind. The truth is that God is very simple; but if He didn’t make Himself complicated, we would never understand Him.

The next time you have doubts about the existence of God, ask yourself if you mind exists. It can’t be examined under a microscope either.

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