God’s policies and Church teaching

I just saw the article linked at the bottom and thought I would comment on it. Once again, journalists are speaking out of their field of expertise and the general public is following along like sheep. A journalist is not a theologian. His or her role in society is to report news, not to rewrite Revelation and much less to distort it.

Reproductive rights and reproductive healthcare for men and women only includes artificial contraception and abortion in the mind of those who want to resolve a health issue the easy way out, without understanding what’s at stake here.

The Church has no authority to change revealed truth. The Old Testament condemns the spilling of the male seed in order to avoid

Pope Paul explained God's policy on birth control.  He did not invent it.

Pope Paul explained God’s policy on birth control. He did not invent it.

conception. The Church Fathers sustained this as Divine Revelation, therefore part of the Deposit of Faith.

The Church’s teaching on artificial birth control is not a matter of policy that the Church has the authority to change. This policy is God’s policy, not the Church’s policy. The Church can only teach God’s policy and remind us of it every few years, in case we forget. No man has the authority to overrule God.

The same is true on abortion. Natural law teaches us that the killing of an innocent human being, even an innocent animal, who is not a direct threat to our safety, is immoral. Why do we have campaigns to save the whales, save the dolphins or save some other endangered species? We have them because these are life forms that are not a threat to human safety and they are not a necessary food source. Therefore, there is no reason to attack them and take their lives. The preborn child is not a threat to human safety either, nor is he a source of nourishment. One has to use one’s imagination and stretch it exponentially in order to say that a preborn child is a threat to his mother.

A pregnancy may trigger some complex and even dangerous health issues, but this is not the same as a conscious attack coming from an adversary. The preborn child is not an adversary. This danger stems from nature following laws that God built into it when he created the natural world.VISITATION To insist that one terminate the life of the preborn child is an unjust act and an unethical interference with the laws of nature, which man did not create. God did. It’s unethical because there are natural laws that allow us to avoid high risk pregnancies. They require some sacrifice on the part of the parties involved.

If we defend the natural right to life of non-human animals, why do we challenge the right to live of the human animal? Just as there are natural ways of avoiding the risk of being eaten by an alligator, there are natural ways to avoid pregnancy. In both scenarios, the living organism is not attacked and destroyed, nor is any human being who follows the the natural means to avoid a potentially dangerous situation threatened by an innocent life form.

These are laws that God built into nature. The Church can only teach them. She has no authority to change them. They are not the Church’s policies. They are God’s policies. It is God’s policy that innocent life, human or other, cannot be destroyed. Man has a moral duty to protect all life forms, especially human life, from conception to natural death. Man has no right to extrapolate a specific group, in this case women who are of childbearing age, and create exceptions to the natural law to protect women’s lives by killing preborn women. Natural law, as God created it, demands that the lives of all women be protected and natural law does not place the woman of childbearing age at the top of the female hierarchy, granting her a greater right to life than the woman in her mother’s womb.

Therefore, the Church cannot say anything different about abortion until such time as God changes the laws that he implanted in nature. The mission of the Church is not to make policies for God. The mission of the Church is to teach us God’s policies and to explain them as clearly as possible for each generation. If we have a problem with God’s policies, then we need to take the matter up with Him, not with the right and wrongpope. From the time of God’s first self-disclosure to the Jews, Christians and Muslims, He made it perfectly clear, “Though shall not kill.” In context, this means that one may never take a life unless that specific person threatens our safety and we have no other option to kill or be killed. As long as their is another way to protect our lives, we are bound by the law. “Thou shall not kill.”

The Catholic Church does not make policies for God, she only explains them.


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