This Happens to People Who Take Things for Granted

Ever notice how we take things for granted? I’ve been unable to walk with my dog for a very long time, because I can’t breathe. I finally got my supplier to give me a portable oxygen bottle, the kind that you carry in a bag over your shoulder. I assure you that it’s lighter than may daughter’s handbag. 😀

I went out with Max, our doggie. I walked the length of two cars. He was so good too. When I became fatigued I said, “Easy.” I have never taught him “Easy”. It just came out, almost as if I was talking to myself. Nonetheless, I noticed that as soon as I said it, he looked at

St. Maximilian (aka.  Max)

St. Maximilian (aka. Max)

me and sat down. He waited patiently for me to recover so we could walk back the length of the two cars and return to the house. My son took over from there for his real walk. I think that I was not the only one who missed being outside together. I used to take things for granted, such as the patience that my dog had toward me. It thought it was I being patient with him and I took for granted the air I breathed. Not any longer. 🙂

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