Rosary Crusade for Life

Please say special prayers for Muslims and Christians in Iraq. This situation is definitely one that should attract the attention of a fraternity like our own, one that is committed to the Gospel of Life. The situation in Iraq has deteriorated into a complete disregard for the dignity of the person and the sanctity of human life, not just the life of the unborn, but also the lives of those between birth and natural death.

While we’re speaking of prayer to increase respect for the sanctity of life, let us not forget the Israeli-Palestinian situation. This has escalated to a point where boarders, differences in faith, or economic resources don’t seem to be important. The situation is starting to appear more like simple hatred.

Let’s just think about Muslims and Christians. We know that there are Israeli Muslims and Christians. We also know that there are Palestinian Christians, most are Orthodox and a small minority are Eastern Catholics and Latin Catholics. Despite this, we have a situation where brother is killing brother as if wanting to exterminate each other.

There is no room for indifference in the Christian life. The sanctity of life is disregarded. Human dignity is violated. Those whom God holds most dear to his heart, the voiceless, are killed, driven from their homes and terrorized.

The Franciscans of Life invite all of our friends and readers to remember the voiceless, even those who are thousands of miles away. Just because we don’t see them does not mean that they don’t exist, don’t suffer and don’t need our prayers.

Our Lady of the Angels(August 15).I’m inviting everyone whom we know to engage in a Rosary Crusade from the moment that you read this to the Solemnity of the Assumption Let us call upon the Mother of Life itself to intervene and open new windows so that hearts and minds can see and try new approaches to peace and compassion.

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  1. I will join your rosary crusade! Onward, Christian soldiers! 🙂

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