Adopt a student-brother

Brothers and Sisters:

Graduate formation in spiritual theology and education for one of our brothers is an expensive proposition.  However, these are skills that every brother needs to serve the voiceless in our ministry.

We’re asking our friends to adopt one of our brothers.  It will cost approximately $5,000.00 to put him through graduate school.  That’s $5,000.00 that our fraternity does not have.

Our monthly income from our stipends is $2,610.00.  With this we support three brothers living at our motherhouse.  This pays for rent, electric, telephone and internet, food, medications, car maintenance, co-pay at doctor offices and everything else that is needed to run a house.

Currently, we have one brother who has begun graduate school in education and spiritual theology.  This brother mentors expectant dads through Project Joseph.  He serves as the liaison between FIU Campus Ministry and Respect Life South Dade.  Brother also does hospital ministry and teaches Sacred Scripture to youngsters.  He assists the immigrant poor collecting clothing for them, directing them to community resources no matter where they are in the United States and even paying for their bus passes so they can go to work.

Through these services the brother brings Christ’s brotherhood and concern for humanity to the world.  Like Christ, who washed the disciples’ feet at the last supper, Brother continues to wash the feet of the voiceless.

We’re asking all of our friends to make a comfortable donation to help us cover the cost of education.  You can do through our Paypal account at the bottom.

May God bless you for your generosity.  We will inform all of our friends when we have reached our goal.  We only ask for as much as we actually need.  The brothers keep nothing in savings or other accounts.  We depend totally on what Divine Providence can provide for us through the People of God.


Brother Jay, Superior


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